Carpet binding


The many benefits of carpet binding

You may be wondering what carpet binding is. If so, carpet binding is when a cotton or synthetic material is used to sew the edges of carpeting together. This can be used for many reasons, one of which is to save your existing carpet. You can also use carpet binding to create area rugs and other stair runners.

It’s always best to hire a company like NC Flooring in Oviedo, Florida to handle your carpet binding needs. It may seem rather easy to fix a carpet or create an area rug but you can tell when a professional does the job rather than an amateur.

3 ways to use carpet binding

Area rugs: One very useful purpose for carpet binding is to create area rugs. Many times when you have carpet installed in your home there is left over pieces that can easily be created into beautiful and useful area rugs.

Save carpeting: If you notice that your carpets or one of your carpets is beginning to fray call NC Flooring in Oviedo, Florida to find out how we can save your carpets with a simple carpet binding service.

Improve carpeting: If you have an area rug or carpet that you would like to change and add a bit of style to you may want to consider carpet binding for this purpose as well. Carpet binding not only protects the edges of carpet but it can also add a nice look and style to your existing carpet.

Not many people realize they can save their carpets or use their carpet remnants to create stair runners and area rugs. This can be a very useful service for many people. If you’re looking for a good carpet binding service in Oviedo, Florida call NC Flooring to find out about our services at (407) 542-1639.



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